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Enterprise Unify provides a way for data to be transferred from our internet servers to you. As an internet service provider, we provide your services for accessing and using the internet. As a multi-function or internet service provider we offer internet solution and infrastructure to your business. Our goal is to provide our customers with the latest technology and establish solutions that are tailored for you.

Wide Area Network

Enterprise Unify provides telecom networks that extend over a large geographical distance. Within our wide area network, you are able to relay your data to multiple units within the network. We ensure your business can effectively carry out its daily tasks and functions, regardless of the location of the company. We provide fully managed high quality connectivity network solutions.


With Enterprise Unify, you are able to access your network from any location within your wireless network coverage area. Wireless access and connection to key applications within your company, helps your employees get the job done and encourages collaboration.

Business Voice

Clear and reliable voice communications are essential to any business. With Enterprise Unify, we deploy effective and secure voice solutions. Our services make communications work with increased reliability and uptime. Our voice solutions are tailor made to fit the size of your business and your budget.

About Us

Enterprise Unify provides the resources and means to meet your company needs,
helping you to quickly meet goals and accomplish complex tasks involving your Networks infrastructure.


Our Network performance methodology is able to offer users an excellent end user experience across many devices and applications. We are able to make use of a variety of communication converging solutions such as Voice over Internet Protocol, which can help you save hundreds if not thousands of rands in traditional phone line costs and features many advantages like talking to many people at once as well as sending other types of data other than voice.

Communication: Whether it’s emailing your clients, collaborating with teams across locations or promoting your company, effective communication is key to your success.

Connectivity: A connection to the Internet needs to be strong, reliable and of good quality. That’s where Enterprise Unify comes in.

Additional Services

Data Centre Networking

A multi- cloud, multi- vendor management platform. Our Cloud platforms are able to automate seamless portability between private and public clouds.

Unified Communications

A term that describes the unification of all forms of collaboration and multimedia communications that can be controlled by an end user.

Hybrid WAN

A hybrid WAN is a network that utilizes multiple circuits, such as MPLS, Wireless, ADSL, 3G/4G/LTE, together simultaneously.

Network Management

Organizations are looking for ways to reduce operating and capital expenditure on technology. We help you achieve the benefit of the digital experience so you can focus on strategic business initiatives.

Internet of Things

More data traffic and bandwidth-hungry applications cause serious capacity constraints, increased management, and security complexity. Our wired and wireless solution helps you address these challenges.

Cyber Security

When you turn to Enterprise Unify Managed Security Services, you gain access to a proven MSSP, combining best in-class people, processes and technology, to deliver fast breach detection and remediation.

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